YDT - 14

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Resting in 95 feet of water, YDT-14 is one of two U.S. Navy diving tenders sunk as artificial reefs in April 2000. Constructed in Erie, Pennsylvania, in 1942, this utility ship navigated the South Atlantic and Caribbean waters during her naval career serving in San Juan Harbor, Norfolk Harbor, and Key West. In March 1974, YDT-14, and her sister ship YDT-15, were re-designated as diving tenders. Gulf storms have buried YDT-15 to her decks, but divers can explore YDT-14’s upper structure around 65 feet, home to resident barracudas, and descend to her waterline at 100 feet.

Date of Sinking: April 2000

Depth: 90 ft.

Length: 132.5 ft.

Beam: 30 ft.


30° 05.330’ N
087° 09.640’ W

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