Ocean Wind Tug

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Built in 1952, “Ocean Wind” was a ship docking assist tug, largely in the Pensacola area, until its retirement.

“It was actually the tugboat that towed out many of our existing artificial reefs into the Escambia County artificial reef inventory. So it’s very fitting that this tug herself will take her place among our artificial reefs,” said Robert Turpin, Escambia County’s Marine Resources Manager.

Scuttled 14 January 2016 in 85 feet of water, about ten nautical miles southeast of Pensacola Pass.  Top of the wheelhouse is at approximately 56 Feet.  

This is a great dive for beginner and experienced divers alike as most of the dive is around 60 feet.  Often you will see this Goliath Grouper just hanging out in the wheelhouse!! 

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